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Capacity-building of Educators

Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU
The world has experienced political, economic, social and cultural changes in various forms in recent decades, which has created or intensified tensions and challenges not only within, but also across national borders. This has resulted in increased attention to the promotion of a Culture of Peace in the global community and consensus has grown that education can play a critical role in building peaceful and sustainable societies. EIU, in particular, has been acknowledged to have the capacity to effectively contribute to this. As a response to the increasing demands from UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region, APCEIU has provided training workshops on EIU for key educators in the region since its establishment in 2001.
The Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU (APTW), as the Centre's flagship programme, has been held annually since its launch in 2001. The programme was designed as Training of Trainers to enhance the competency of professionals of teacher education in the region. With the goal of broadening the participants' perspectives towards EIU and enhancing their knowledge in EIU, the APTW encompasses a wide range of programme segments, from lectures on key EIU themes to on-site workshops. To maximize the impact of the programme in the participants' countries, this year's programme will adopt more practical and participatory approaches, enabling workshop contents to be tied to the participants' local conditions. This will concretize the process for the participants to internalize EIU concepts and apply them into practices in their own context. For this purpose, action plan development will be emphasized as one of the main components of the programme through which participants are gradually guided to draft an action plan that can become a tangible and viable output of the workshop.

The 13th Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU
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Dates : 8-17 July 2013
Venue : Seoul, Republic of Korea
Participants : 30 key professionals in the field of teacher education from the UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region
Main Contents
  - Lectures, seminars and discussions on key EIU themes     
  - Group work and consultation for action plan development
  - Visits to EIU-related sites in the Republic of Korea
  - Introductory and advanced workshops to introduce pedagogies and teaching resources on EIU
페이스북 트위터
Asia-Pacific Leadership Academy for School Principals
Globalization, usually viewed as an inevitable and intrinsic characteristic of the 21st century, is being touted by some as a powerful force for peace. However, paradoxically, as this worldwide phenomenon accelerated points of interaction among cultures through migration and mass media, it has also given rise to, if not exacerbated, ethnic frictions, attitudes of intolerance and identity-linked violence within and across societies. Defining peace as the absence of war is therefore clearly inadequate; peace should rather be defined as the genuine practice of values of equality, respect and understanding among peoples. It is in this regard that education plays a critical task in constructing the defenses of genuine peace in the minds of men to safeguard the lives of future generations.
While education lies mostly on the hands of teachers, its effectiveness and potential reach also rely heavily upon the nature of the school administration, environment and curriculums. APCEIU therefore firmly believes that school leadership also assumes an indispensable role in making school contexts conducive to the learning of other cultures, appreciation of the other and inculcation of universal values of mutual respect, human rights and equality. Acting upon this conviction, APCEIU has been holding the Asia-Pacific Leadership Academy for School Principals (APLASP) since 2010 to enhance the competencies of school principals to implement Education for International Understanding (EIU) in their respective schools, a measure to help societies effectively cope with the challenges to peace brought about by globalization.
Now on its fourth year, APLASP aims to provide school principals from the Asia-Pacific region opportunities to internalize the values underpinning EIU through interactive workshops and cultural immersions, as well as those that help foster their international school networks through the school fair and school visits. It is expected after the workshop that EIU will make school leaders become enthusiastic in creating school networks with their counterparts, intensifying the channels of mutual understanding across different societies, ultimately engendering a Culture of Peace in the Asia-Pacific region. 
4th Asia-Pacific Leadership Academy for School Principals

 Dates: 15 - 23 October 2013
 Venue: Seoul, Republic of Korea
 Sponsor: Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE)
 Participants: 30 school principals from the UNESCO Member States in Asia and the Pacific
 Main Contents
  - Lectures and seminars on EIU and educational leadership in the 21st Century
  - Presentations and exhibitions to share good EIU practices of participating schools
  - School visits, school fair and cultural activities to help develop school exchange programmes among participants
페이스북 트위터
Sub-regional Workshop on EIU
To provide further local-based EIU training programmes catering to the needs of specific sub-regions in Asia and the Pacific, Sub-regional Workshops have been organized by APCEIU in collaboration with UNESCO Field Offices and National Commissions. Centered on a common educational agenda which can be found in the respective sub-regions, the Workshop segments are composed of local-centered themes, which are relevant to key EIU issues and focused on sharing experiences of the participating countries to learn from one another.
The Sub-regional Workshop in 2009 was held in Ha Long, Vietnam and has been co-organized by UNESCO Bangkok and the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, while being hosted by the Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE), and cooperated by UNESCO Hanoi.  Entitled as 'Learning to Live Together: Reorienting Teacher Education to Strengthen School-based Initiatives,' the workshop accommodated 40 teacher educators and senior teachers from Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.
 Following up to that workshop, this year APCEIU plans to provide a venue in Myanmar for countries in the Mekong Region (i.e. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam). Through this workshop APCEIU expects to empower educators to increase their commitment for EIU, identify priorities and challenges facing EIU practices, and progress further steps necessary to intensify and refine EIU perspectives towards empowering individuals for peaceful community building. It will also include sessions for exploring the use and adoption of APCEIU-produced materials, such as the DVDs, SEA Journey’ and ‘Telling Tales, in school curriculum and school-based initiative settings.
EIU Sub-Regional Capacity-Building Workshop 2013

 Dates: 19-22 November 2013
 Venue: Yangon, Myanmar
 Partner Organizations: Ministry of Education of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Myanmar National Commission for UNESCO, UNESCO Project Office in Myanmar, UNESCO Bangkok
 Main Contents
   - Lecture and activities to level off understandings of the core EIU contents
   - Presentations to share current status of EIU and suggestion on strengthening practices for EIU values in school programme
   - Seminars to discuss common education issues in the sub-region
   - Small group discussions to strengthen the sub-regional network for future cooperation and communication
페이스북 트위터
Country-based Capacity-building Workshops
To fulfill the mandate of UNESCO to enhance the educational competencies of Members States of the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) has provided country-based capacity-building workshops under close collaboration with UNESCO Field Offices and National Commissions. Each country-based capacity-building workshop is designed in accordance to each country’s context, educational demands and professional capacities. Among these workshops, the representative Training Workshop for Korean Educators is being held every year as a credit-based teacher training course. It aims to inculcate upon Korean teachers, through Education for International Understanding (EIU), the value of promoting cultural diversity and multicultural education, which during the last few years proved to be key educational agendas both in Korean schools and society.
In order for Korean teachers to more effectively learn and internalize EIU values as well as develop intercultural competencies, the Workshop, for the first time in 2013, will be held in the country of one of Korea’s growing migrant groups: the Philippines. Through joint workshops, field-based activities as well as first-hand experiences with local teachers and people in Manila, the APCEIU hopes to provide Korean teachers opportunities to experience how EIU concepts they learned in Seoul are applied in real life situations.
The 13th Training Workshop for Korean Educators

 Dates and Venue: 13-20 August 2013
  - Pre-departure Workshop : 13-14 August 2013 (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  - Workshop in the Philippines : 15-20 August 2013 (Manila, Philippines)
 Participants: 20 Korean educators
 Partner Organization: UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines, Southeast Asia Center of Lifelong Education for Sustainable Development (SEA CLLSD)
 Main Contents
  - Lectures and workshops on EIU focused on developing knowledge and appreciation in cultural diversity and multicultural education in Korea
- First-hand experience with local teachers and people in Manila through school visits, joint workshops and field-based activities.
- Opportunities to enhance teachers’ capacity to link EIU concepts and practice through creative pedagogy and reflection sessions
페이스북 트위터
UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme
As the key inter-regional programme at APCEIU, UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme is a two-month residency-type training programme. Benefitting educators from the least developed countries (LDCs) in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, this programme is centered on the themes of EIU, basic education, and teacher training. Launched in 2007 by the Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO and the Korean Government, the programme has successfully accomplished the mission of the Centre to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the Asia-Pacific and other regions.
The programme will encourage the participants to explore ways to overcome local challenges by exposing them to the core concepts of quality basic education and EIU. Moreover, the programme aims to help the participants to apply the lessons learned and their research experience to the implementation plan for education quality improvement in their countries.
The curriculum is composed of various segments, from lectures/workshops on main themes to individual research projects based on the participants' expertise and needs. This programme will enable the participants to build capacities in identifying and implementing the effective methods to achieve quality ‘'Education for All’' (EFA) and to critically interpret the current educational issues of the participants within the global context.
UNESCO/ROK Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme

 Dates: 8 October - 9 December 2013
 Venue: Seoul, Republic of Korea
 Co-sponsors: UNESCO and KOICA
 Partner Organizations: Universities and education institutions in the Republic of Korea
 Participants: 30 educators from the Asia-Pacific region and Africa
 Main Contents
  - Lectures, workshops, consultations and seminars on key themes (EIU, basic education and teacher education)
  - Study visits to key educational institutes and organizations
  - Conducting individual research projects through individual research, small group discussions, and consultations
페이스북 트위터