• 10-26
SangSaeng Vol4. Summer 2002 (Special Issue : Living to Live Together in Peace and Harmony)

Publisher's Note - On the Bridge of 相生, AI OI, SangSaeng
- Al-Azhar Islamic Senior High School Workshop: “Learning to Live Together in Peace and Harmony” (Wati Wardani)
- Divergence and Decisions III: On Progress (Brewster Kneen)
- Conflict and Peace in Melanesia: the New Paradigm Shift (Moses Havini)
- Critiquing the Global Economic Order (Douglas E. Wingeier)
- Transforming Conflict and Visioning Peace in Northern Ireland: an Educational Process  (Johnston McMaster)
- APCEIU Forum on 2002 WSSD: Revisiting Sustainable Development (Eun-Kyung Na)
- Peace and Development in Post-Globalization Asia (Lawrence Surendra)
- The UN System for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Lyal S. Sunga)