• 10-26
"SangSaeng Vol5. Autumn 2002 (Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future)

- Message on APCEIU's Second Anniversary
Special Feature: India’s Dalit People
- Down, Down Casteism; Up, Up Humanism! (Marion Kim)
- Empowering Rural Communities: Anawim Trust (J.M.K. Sekhar)
- Interview with Woman Dalit Leader
- Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future: UNESCO’s New Multimedia Teacher Education Programme (John Fien and Jeanne Damlamian)
- A Pedagogy for Peace: APCEIU’s Pacific Region Teacher (Training Workshop)
- Drafting the Framework for an EIU Teacher Training Manual
- Education for International Understanding: A River Flowing from the Mountains (Toh Swee-Hin)
Divergence and Decisions: Control and Death (Brewster Kneen)
- Toward International Understanding and Peace : APCEIU Experiential Learning Programme with Korean, Chinese and Japanese Students (Na Eun-Kyun)
- Korea Teacher Training Workshop: “Learning to Live Together” (Yeon Heung-Sook)
- Recapturing Johannesburg: WSSD Report (Susan Lee)