• 10-26
Special Issue : International Institute Peace Education
- Publisher's Message Educating for Peace in a Time of War and Division
- Editor's Note 
2003 International Institute on Peace Education
- Educating for Peace in Divided Societies  (Chang Yujin)
- Peace Education in Palestine  (Cyrien Khano)
- Korea : The Endless Crisis  (Erich Weingartner)
- South Korean Women and Militarization  (Kwon In-Sook) - A Journey towards Peace in the Mountains of lchon : 3rd Asia Pacific Teacher Training Workshop  (Virginia Cawagas and Toh Swee-Hin)
- The Impact of Cybernetics: Convergence for Control, or Interrelatedness for Life?  (Kim Yong-Bock)
4th Korea Teacher Training Workshop on EIU
- Linking EIU to All Subjects for Global Citizenship  (Hwang Eun-Young)
- Teaching for Peace on the Korean Peninsula  (Sohn So-yeon)