• 10-26
Painting by Ahnaf Rafid Bin Habib, aged 5, Bangladesh, "Protect the Ozone Cell", from UNEP-DTIE OzonAction Programme.
SPECIAL ISSUE : Education, Economics and Ecology

Editorial - Education and social justice  (John Fien)
- A Consuming Future? (Matthew Bentley and John Fien)
- Reducing International Conflicts by Improving Economic Conditions of the Poor  (M. Kazim Bacchus)
- Sharing the Burdens of Financing : Government and Household Partnerships for Basic Education  (Mark Bray)
- ESD and EIU : Two Interdependent Approaches to Education  (Samuel Lee)
- Review article: Globalisation and the Re-structuring of Education in Asia and the Pacific  (Anthony Welch)
- The Kerala Model: Grassroots Development that Works  (Douglas E. Wingeier)
- UNESCO : Reorienting Education toward a Sustainable Future 
Workshop Report :
- Economy,Ecology and SangSaeng: Seeking a new paradigm for life-centered culture  (Marion Kim)
- The Impact of Cybernetics: Convergence for Control,or Interrelatedness for Life? (part ll)  (Yong-Bock Kim)
- Spiritual and Ethical Foundations of Peace Education  (Yeon Heung-Sook) - 50th Anniversary of Korean National Commission for UNESCO 
- Teacher's Report from Bhutan: Peace Education for "Gross National Happiness" and Other Goals  (Leki Wangdi)