• 10-26
Cover : Though "Education for All" is the stated aim of UNESCO member countries, many children in the Asia-Pacific and other regions still cannot enjoy this right. The small girl in this photo, for example, is not learning but packaging for Nestle Corporation. (Courtesy: International Labor Organization)
- From the Director's Desk  (Samuel Lee)
- Editorial (Lawrence Surendra)
- Reflections on Education for All in Asia and the Pacific  (Sheldon Shaeffer and Jon Kapp)
- Reaffirming the Right to Education  (Katarina Tomasevski)
- Gender: A Defining Element in Quality Education  (Mary Joy Pigozzi)
- Education for All, Equality for All: the Finland Experience  (Kaisa Savolainen)
- Prioritizing EFA in China  (Dinghua Wang)
- Tauhi Vaha'a : a possible foundation for peace and inter-cultural understanding  (Konai Helu Thaman)
- Thoughts on "Education for Conviviality" in Asia  (Seunghwan Lee)
- Interview with Marshall Rosenberg,Center for Non-Violent Communication  (Marion Kim)
- APCEIU-Peace Education Center Joint Workshop on Human Rights  (Ji-Yun Park)
- Teacher's Report from Australia: Educator' Crucial Role for Peace  (Helen Lovegrove)
- Readers' Feedback