• 10-26

This issue of SangSaeng focuses on the major themes of Historical Reconciliation and Human Rights. Both issues are of great and continuing relevance to the region.

APCEIU co-organized with Asia Foundation and Frederich Ebert Stiftung a very successful conference on Historical Reconciliation in Asia, focusing especially on North Asia. Seeking approaches to this problem, the conference looked at the European experience of historical reconciliation to see what lessons could be drawn for Asia. We expect to do further work in this area, which is of critical relevance not only in North Asia but in the other Asian sub-regions as well. We will keep you informed, especially for the sharing of teaching and other resources that you can use in your own contexts.

- From the Director's Desk(Dai-Geun Kang)
- Balancing Counter-Terror and Human Rights  (Young-Hee Na)
- Women's Rights in the Context of Conflict: Afghanistan (Sima Samar)
- Protect Human Rights and Human Rights Defenders  (Hina Julani)
- Reconciliation and Coming to Terms with the Past  (Wolfgang Hopken)
- History Teaching and Democratization in Turkey  (Orhan Silier)
- Korea-Japan Endeavors for Joint History Textbooks  (Jae-Jeong Chung)
- Making Connections for Peace  (Erich and Miranda Weingartner)
- APCEIU's First Four Years: Toward the Vision of Peace  (Marion Kim)
- Asia-Pacific Teacher Training Workshop: Interactive Learning and Sharing (Sook-Hee Kwak)

- IIPE 2004: "Human Security" for a Culture of Peace (Heran Song)
- News Briefs