• 10-26

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) published Issue Number 12 of its English-language magazine, SangSaeng. The focus of the current issue is "How EIU Relates to ESD".


From the Director’s Desk (Kang, Dai-Geun)

Special Column

Respecting Diversity for "Learning to Live Together" Noriaki Sagara

Focus: How EIU Reates to ESD
Vision into the Future: Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Development
Understanding First, Then Sustainable Development: Prioritizing Education for Cultural Diversity…11
The Challenge of DESD and a New Educational Paradigm for a Fractured World…14

Best Practices & Teaching Modules in EIU

Learning by Doing: Effective Practices for Teaching Children to Become Citizens of the World…18
Fostering a Culture of Peace through Heritage…22
Global Education in School through the ‘Our City in the World’ Programme…26 Kim Da-won
Creating Positive Change: the Case of Zeinabieh School…30

Tsunami Special

Rethinking the Tsunami: A Campaign for the Children of the Tsunami and a Poem by Rabindranath Tagore…33


APCEIU in Action

6th Advisory Committee Meeting…36
2nd Conviviality Meeting…38 (Rene C. Romero)
Publications … 43

Interview with Kevin Clements

The Hard Science of Peace…44