• 03-14

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) published Issue Number 14 of its English-language magazine, SangSaeng. The focus of the current issue is Food : A Recipe for Peace.


From the Director’s Desk 


Special Column
The Missing Piece to World Peace: Human Rights Education_ 4 

Focus: Food, a Recipe for Peace
Understanding the World through Food: A Pacific Perspective_ 8 
Food for Thought: Hungry for an End to War_ 12 
Diet for a Sustainable World_ 16 
Equal Rights to Equal Food_ 20 

A Poem : Dancing by the Sea_ 24 


Best Practices & Teaching Modules in EIU

Young Citizens of the World Unite: <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cambodia Celebrates UN Day_ 26 
Creating a Sustainable School: Learning Together for a Sustainable Future_ 30 
Around the World in the Classroom: Teaching Globalization to Children_ 34 


A Letter from Iran
Planting the Seeds of Peace in Schools_ 37 


Special Report
Rebuilding a Land of Peace: Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan_ 38 

Interview with YONEDA Shinji & CHUNG Doo-Yong

Beyond Borders: Promoting EIU Toward a Global Society_ 39 


Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Families Come Together to Celebrate the Biggest Festival in Nepal_ 44 
That’s So “Thai”: Contemporary Art from Thailand_ 46 


APCEIU in Action 
Trainers Gather in Hope to Breed Peace in the Asia-Pacific_ 48
Korea and Japan Take a Look at EIU in the East-Asian Culture_ 49
A Sign of Hope for Central Asia_ 50
Publications_ 51