• 05-29

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) published Issue Number 15 of its English magazine, SangSaeng. The focus of the current issue is Desertification : Averting a Looming Disaster.


From the Director’s Desk 


Special Column
Interfaith Dialogue: Alternative to Religious Conflict_ 4 

Focus: Desertification-Averting a Looming Disaster
Desertification Endangers Human Security _ 8
Combating Desertification Requires Creative Partnerships_ 12
Women are Part of the Solution_ 16
Desertification Threatens <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mongolia’s Traditional Culture_19
Education Kit: Teach how to reverse desertification_21

A Poem: Thank You to My Teachers_ 22 


EIU that I Am Thinking Of
Intercultural Studies Can Foster Equality and Justice_ 24

Best Practices & Teaching Modules in EIU
A Nationwide Campaign: Tchemetoun qashang mibine_ 26
Knowing Your Brothers and Sisters_ 30
Learning Peace Skills Through the Arts_ 34 


A Letter from a Peace Messenger
As Youngsters Camp, They Help a Karen Community_ 37 


Special Report
Sustainable Development and Ecofeminism: Lessons from Korea's Women Divers_ 38

Interview with Agostino Pacciani
Rebuilding Shatterred Lives_ 40 


Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Iran’s Birth Customs: Welcoming the Newborn with Joy and Color_ 44
Rich Traditions Cement Family and Community Ties in Uzbekistan_ 46 


Regional News
Designated an RCE_ 48
ACCU-UNESCO Launch ESD Programmes in the Asia-Pacific_ 49


APCEIU in Action
APCEIU to Study EIU in the Asia-Pacific Region_ 50
INRULED Team Visits APCEIU_ 51