• 06-18
APCEIU has recently published the 2007 spring issue (No. 18) of EIU English magazine, SangSaeng, on the theme of “Language Diversity, in response to UNESCO’s efforts in preserving and promoting linguistic and cultural diversity.

  This issue of SangSaeng sends a powerful message to the readers about the importance of saving minority languages from extinction. Stories from <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Thailand, the Philippines, Bhutan and China illustrate various revitalization programmes that raise hope for many endangered languages around the world.

  The magazine also features a modest proposal from the Pacific on ‘Building a Diverse, Global Community Through Education’ by John R. Haglelgam, a former president of Federated States of Micronesia; a special peace story on ‘Smiling Children Belie the Tension in Kashmir’; and an interview with Jang Hwa-Jung, the General Manager of Samsung Children’s Museum. <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />



From the Director’s Desk

Special Column
Building a Diverse, Global Community Through Education

UNESCO Guidelines on Language and Education
Revitalizing Ethnic Minority Languages
An Ancient Philippine Script-x Gains a New Lease on Life
Dzongkha: Key to National Identity
Language Loss Threatens Chinese Cultural Diversity

A Poem
You, My Friend

Best Practices & Teaching Modules of EIU
Dancing Their Way to Racial Integration
An IranianSchool Jumpstarts a Program on Sustainable Development
Exploring Diversity at Selwyn College

EIU Club
EIU Teachers Organize into a NeoNaWool Club

EIU That I Am Thinking Of
Museums as Arena for EIU

Special Report
Kabul and the Vestiges of War

A Letter from China
KISS the Web of Life

“Global Citizens” Exhibition for Children

Peace in My Memory
Smiling Children Belie the Tension in Kashmir

EIU Happy School
Striving to Become a Beacon of Peace

Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Navroz: Hope for a Better Life

APCEIU in Action