• 11-07

APCEIU has recently published the 2007 summer issue (No. 19) of EIU English magazine, SangSaeng, on the theme of “Children in Conflict Situations”. 


This issue of SangSaeng covers two stories from <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Indonesia and Nepal on children in conflict situations. These stories remind us that millions of children today often live in tragic circumstances such as war, conflict, poverty and natural disasters, which that the children have not dreamed of nor asked for.

The magazine also features a valuable guidance to education of war and peace in ‘Teaching Children How to Relate to Others at an Early Age’ by Colin N. Power, a former Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO; a special report on street children of Ulaanbaatar in ‘Living Dangerously Underground’; and an interview with Laxmisha Rai, the winner of Youth MDGs Essay Contest hosted by APCEIU.


From the Director’s Desk

Special Column
Teaching Children How to Relate to Others at an Early Age

The Tsunami Has Forced Orphans to Mature Before Their Time
Forced Conscript-xion of Children

A Poem
The White Bird of Peace Fled Far Away

Best Practices & Teaching Modules of EIU
In Hiroshima, a Restored Wartime Piano “Sings” of Peace
Young Han Students Learn the Culture of Minorities
Learning About Other Cultures Through Food

EIU That I Am Thinking Of
Regional EIU and ESD That I Am Thinking Of: A Reflection from Cambodia
Understanding the World from More than One Point of View

A Letter from Thailand
My Experiences as a Youth Leader

Special Report
Living Dangerously Underground

Small, Ordinary Acts Can Trigger Change

Peace in My Memory
Respecting Differences: First Step to Peacemaking

EIU Happy School
A School in Bhutan Pursues a Flourishing Tree-Planting Program

Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Burha Janko: Honoring the Elderly the Newar Way