• 05-21

This issue on CLIMATE CHANGE: risks and solutions introduces global warming and climate change and their adverse effects- rising sea levels, frequent disasters, enormous losses in human life and massive destruction of resources, and populations being pushed to greater levels of poverty and dispossesion. The article on <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Bangladesh discusses on how global warming and attendant floods bear on poor communities, and the article from Tuvalu discusses the efforts and strong bonds of the Tuvaluans in trying to preserve their heritage and culture from their islands under threat. This issue also covers an interview with Dr. Nay Htun, former UN Assistant Secretary-General, who emphasizes that in responding to the challenges of climate change and sustainability, a responsible attitude among the public is central, especially the young people who possess a great potential for initiating change in the future. <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


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Special Column
Environment Education in Goa: Creating Paper Tigers?_4


Focus: CLIMATE CHANGE: risks and solutions
Climate Change Hits the Poor theHardest_8
Saving Tuvaluan Culture from Imminent Danger_11
Creating a New Form of Injustice_14
People’s Caravan for the Environment_18
From the Arts, a Push for the Environment_20


A Poem
Tuvalu and Global Warming _22


Best Practices & Teaching Modules of EIU
Making Classrooms Alive: Lessons from Vietnam_24
Art in the Service ofMulticulturalism_28


EIU That I Am Thinking Of
EIU and the Olympics: Sharing Core Values_32


A Letter from Turkmenistan
Expanding One’s Vision with Help from Others_35


Special Report
Thailand’s Minorities:Many, but One Before the King_36


How to Change Attitudes?_40


Peace in My Memory
Calm Scenes Linger in My Memory_42


EIU Happy School
A School Setting Helps Create an Environment of Peace_44


Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Reviving the Traditional Folk Games of Uzbekistan _46


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