• 09-25

In this issue of SangSaeng, we are featuring “Migration and Multiculturalism,” hoping to contribute to the task of understanding the reality of migration, but also to promote peace and true multiculturalism. <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />


From the Director’s Desk

Special Column
Experiential Learning in Lao Ricefields_4

Focus: Migration and Multiculturalism

Increasing Controls Stem the Tide ofMigration Across Southeast Asia_8
Migration Museums: Bridging the Past and the Present_12
<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 />Borderless Village” for Multicultural Education_16
A Glimmer of Hope forMigrant Workers_19

It’s _22

Best Practices & Teaching Modules of EIU
ESD and Educational Reform in Vietnam_24
Beyond Books_28

EIU That I Am Thinking Of
EIU as peace-oriented education_31

A Letter from Palau
Learning to Appreciate Life, Culture and Environment through Photography_34

Special Report
Simply Seeing Just the Way They Are_36

Peace Village: Providing a space for peace_40

Peace in My Memory
A GermanMigrant Artist Discovers Kapwa in the Philippines_42

EIU Happy School
A school in Indonesia veers away from exclusivism and fanaticism_45

Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Te Mwaie: Kiribati Dance Trumps Convention and Celebrates the Self _48

APCEIU in Action