• 12-26
In this issue of SangSaeng, we are featuring “Gender Equality: Strategies That Work,” by covering the current realities of women in poverty. The challenges remain, however the reality shows some bright prospects of women in the Asia-Pacific region.

From the Director’s Desk
Special Column
A Model That Works_4
Focus: Gender Equality: Strategies That Work
The marginalization of Women: The Case of Solomon Islands_7
Afghan Women: Current Realities and Future Challenges_10
Livelihood Finance: A Vital Tool in Eradication Poverty_14
Vignettes of Poverty_18
Best Practices & Teaching Modules of EIU
Turning Students into Global Citizens in a School Setting_20
A Japanese-initiated Internet Project Travels to Six Countries_24
ESD: Reviving Artifact Making in the Cook Islands_28
EIU That I Am Thinking Of
EIU as Tolerance-oriented Education_30
A Letter from Philippines
EIU Workshop Opened My Eyes to What I Can Do_33
Special Report
Jolted into Reality by a Stranger_34
Peace Through Culture and the Arts_38
Peace in My Memory
Hangeul and the Full Moon Jar_41
EIU Happy School
A School For All_44
Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Walking Through the Mindscapes of Lemuria_47
APCEIU in Action_50