• 05-19
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Following the UN’s proclamation of the International Year of Human Rights Learning, this Spring issue of SangSaeng features the theme of “Human Rights Education: From Knowledge to Action” with example cases of various forms of human rights education in practice in the Asia Pacific accompanied by stories of ethnic traditions and the arts. Especially, the article “In Aiming for a ‘Global Asia,’ Diversity is a Challenge” reminds us of the formidable task of establishing mutual understanding of other cultures within the region. Additionally, “The World Tree: Traditional Knowledge” makes the Asian mind and spirit more tangible and conveys a refreshing perspective of the world as a tree.
Director’s Message
Special Column
Can We Teach or Learn Peace?_4
Focus: Human Rights Education: From Knowledge to Action_8
A Holistic Approach to Human Rights Education_8
Committed to Pursue an Unfinished Project_12
A Creative Approach to Conflict Resolution Makes Headway_16
In Pursuit of Humanness: A Success Story from India_19
Special Feature
Budding Youth Activists for Human Rights_22
Rise and Fall of Civilizations_24
Best Practices
Mongolia’s Sacred Sites Offer Lessons on Environmental Conservation_26
EIU Happy School
School Children as Ambassadors of Peace_30
A Forerunner of Consilience in Asian Music_34
EIU that I am Thinking Of
In Aiming for a “Global Asia,” Diversity is a Challenge_36
Special Report
Traditional Music Prevails_40
Everybody Has a Responsibility in Making Education Work_44
If We Could Change the Mind of One Person, We Would Make a Difference_45
Peace in My Memory
The World Tree: Traditional Knowledge_46
Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Amazing, But True!_48
APCEIU in Action