• 08-27
This summer’s issue of SangSaeng opens discussion on “Eco-ethics: Asia-Pacific Perspectives.”
APCEIU, supporting the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development: 2005-2014 which seeks to “promote learning that allows people to acquire the skills, capacities, values and knowledge required to ensure sustainable development,” features concepts, stories, and experiences in the practice of eco-ethics from the Asia-Pacific. Dr. Gwang-Jo Kim from the UNESCO Bangkok office has provided an introduction to Inclusive Education and International Education, while some practices in the region are available for educators, and a wistful poem called, “Lunar Enchantment” by Mr. U Sam Oeur offers a break for a momentous trip to Cambodia.
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Inclusive Education and Education for International Understanding_4
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Rediscovering Eco-ethics: A Path to a Sustainable Future_8
Eco-ethical Traditions in Asia: Where do we go from here?_12
Regional Cooperation: Improving Living Standards in the Teesta Basin_15
Eco-ethics and Education: Examples from Asia_18
Ethics in the Age of Climate Change_21
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Creating a Safe School Environment in Uttar Pradesh_24
Projek Warga Brings Instruction Outside the Classroom_27
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