• 12-21
In adherence to the first UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG), “to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” this issue of SangSaeng No. 26 focuses on food security for increasing people’s access to food. It presents issues on food security from perspectives of biodiversity, agriculture, and fair trade. To meet the omnipresent goal of learners meeting their basic learning needs, authors from the UNESCO International Bureau of Education have provided a story on sustainability and inclusive education. While the Special Report features the makings of one of APCEIU’s photo exhibitions held in Hanoi, Vietnam, EIU That I am Thinking of presents a reflection from Thailand, and some fleeting scenes on memories of peace from Myanmar can be found in Peace in My Memory. Last but not least, SangSaeng’s spotlight interview with Homi Bhabha brings a discussion about migration, identity, and ethical responsibility.
Director’s Message_3
Special Column_4
Heritage Education: Vital for Preserving Cultural Diversity
FocusⅠConsumption & Access to Food_8
Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture_8
“Averting Food Crisis in Asia”_11
Promoting Small-scale Producers in the Name of True Food Security_14
Fair Trade: Empowering Farmers and Producers Towards Food Security_17
Fair Trade to the Fore_20
Best Practices_21
"On the Seashore of Endless Worlds" Learning to Act and Respond to Climate Change_21
Moving Education Goals Forward Through Inclusive Education_24
EIU Happy School_28
Walasbedda School: One Individual Makes a Difference
Cultural Translation and Interpretation: A Dialogue on Migration, Identity, and Ethical
EIU that I am Thinking Of_36
Beyond Limits: Learning to Live Together Peacefully, Sustainably and Sufficiently
Special Report_40
Patterns and Light: A Platform for Mutual Understanding
Peace in My Memory_44
In Myanmar: A Laboratory For Living Together Peacefully
Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region_46
Heilala Festival: Highlighting Traditional Arts
APCEIU in Action _50