• 09-17
Embracing Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity

SangSaeng No. 28 (Summer 2010): Embracing Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity has just been published. The 2010 International Year of Biodiversity and the Rapprochement of Cultures are undoubtedly interconnected in presenting to us a perspective that embraces the variety of humans within nature. This issue of SangSaeng aims to explore related values and issues regarding the above-mentioned Diversity that are central to bringing about a mutual and sustainable future, specifically among countries in the Asia-Pacific. Particularly, it will focus on notable stories of initiatives for appreciating diversity within nature and cultures under the overarching direction of peace in the world. Professor Jagdish Gundara pinpoints the need to pave the way for trans-national cosmopolitanism and citizenship aiming at creating better international understanding. Dr. Robert LEE gives his unique and in-depth understanding of the relationship between cultural diversity and biological diversity. Mr. Kiran Rajashekariah and Mr. Ravi Corea share with us actual cases based on their professional experiences. Dr. Woong-Seo Kim emphasizes the importance of marine biodiversity in Asia and the Pacific as a marine scientist.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
  Intercultural Education Through Inclusivity & Creativity
8 FocusⅠEmbracing Biodiversity & Cultural Diversity
  8 Bio-cultural Diversity: What Does It Mean and How Do We Move Forward?
  11 What Does the Great Urbanization Era Mean to Nature?
  14 Saving the Asian Elephant: Where Have All the Elephants Gone?
  17 Why is Marine Diversity Important to Us?
20 Best Practices
  20 Peace Village: A Laboratory for a Culture of Peace
  22 International Understanding Through Sharing Common Issues: Pondering Sustainable Development in the Goto Islands
26 Poem
28 EIU Happy School
  Living and Learning Together in One World!
30 Interview
  A Lesson from Bai Experience: Providing Education in Local Context
34 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
  EIU Beyond Value Conflicts
36 Letter
  Integrating EIU into the Learning Process
38 Special Report
  Crossroads to Asian Contemporary Art
42 Peace in My Memory
  Journeying for Peace Memories and Hopes
46 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
  Masks Bridging Cultures
50 APCEIU in Action