• 12-31

Inclusive Education: Aiming for No One Less

SangSaeng No. 29 - Inclusive Education: Aiming for No One Less has just been published. This issue of SangSaeng aims to present issues, discussions and school cases related to the above-mentioned theme. SangSaeng believes that educational inclusion, in particular, covers the marginalized, those with physical difficulties and other venerable groups such as women and children.

In this volume, numbers of issues bound by Inclusive Education are presented and discussed, which include Inclusion, Education for All, Indigenous Cultures’ Heritages, as well as cases of best practices in such fields. Dr. H. Arief Rachman discusses building a Culture of Peace and Non Violence through a Sustainable Educational Policy. Ms. Danielle Kennan and Dr. Pat Dolan assert that civic engagement initiatives can provide the marginalized with learning opportunities conducive to their inclusion and development in society. Mr. Johan Lindeberg inspiringly presents his understanding of the concept and practice of inclusive education. Professor Zhou Mansheng defines Chinese EFA through the presentation of the progress, issues and foreseen challenges beyond 2020. Mr. Rajendra KR emphasizes that inclusion is both a goal and process.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
  Building a culture of Peace and Non Violence Through a Sustainable Educational Policy
8 FocusⅠInclusive Education: Aiming for No One Less
  8 Inclusive Societies Through an Inclusive Curriculum
  10 Enhancing Learning Through Inclusive Education
  14 Inclusive Education for the Marginalized
  17 Chinese EFA: Progress, Issues and Foreseen Challenges Beyond 2020
  20 Learn To Live Together
22 Best Practices
  22 Initiating Positive Practices for Diversity in Hong Kong Schools
  25 Travelling the Road Less Taken
28 Poem
30 EIU Happy School
  Hanasake Deai: Flourishing Encounter
33 Interview
  Ten Years of APCEIU: Missions Continued

36 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
  Towards a Culture of Peace Through Human Rights Education
38 Letter
  EIU and Cultural Integration
40 Special Report
  Embracing Diversity of Dreaming Patterns
44 Peace in My Memory
  A Clinical Approach to Peace
46 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
  Contribution and Value of Traditional Martial Arts to Further Mutual Understanding on the International Level

50 A Ten Year Journey
51 APCEIU in Action