• 08-31

Lost Forest, Lost Humanity, Lost Spirit
SangSaeng No. 31 - Lost Forest, Lost Humanity, Lost Spirit has been published. This issue of SangSaeng was published in accordance with this year’s United Nation’s 2011 International Year of Forests. Through this issue, APCEIU aims to present readers with how EIU could be utilized in its actions towards forest preservation. SangSaeng believes that through an EIU perspective, the various gifts of forests and the importance in its preservation which can ensure our future generations will continue to benefit from the earth’s resources. 
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
    Perpetuating Indigenous Wisdom in a Culture of Peace in Southeast Asia
8 FocusⅠLost Forest, Lost Humanity, Lost Spirit
    8  Forests for People, People for Forests: Lessons from Asia
   12 Biophilia - the Love of Nature
   16 Forests R Us
   20 Eco-diversity and Life Style in Indian Tradition
24 Best Practices
   24 Revitalizing Folktales and Storytelling Traditions
   27 Educational Renovation - Towards Sustainable Development in Vietnam

30 EIU Happy School
    Youth Theatre for Peace
32 Interview
    An Interview with Professor Anwar Fazal

36 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
    Between Dili and Seoul

40 Letter
    Spreading Its Mission to Share Its Vision
41 Special Report
    Transcending Barriers, Forging Friendships

44 Peace in My Memory
    A Quiet Lament for Sacrifice
47 Comic Relief
    The Giving Farmer
48 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
    Money Talks: Learning Cultures through Currency

51 APCEIU in Action