• 05-07

Spreading a Culture of Peace through Sports
SangSaeng No. 33- Spreading a Culture of Peace through Sports has been published. This issue of SangSaeng was published in accordance with this year’s London Olympic and Paralympic games. Through this issue, APCEIU aims to present readers with how sport can build a culture of peace and enhance the better understanding of different cultures. SangSaeng believes that sport not only brings about competition but also acts as a medium to further foster global understanding and EIU.

3 Director’s Message

4 Special Column
   Climate Change and Development: Time for a Paradigm Shift?

8 Focus: Spreading a Culture of Peace through Sports
   8 Sport as a Powerful Means for Development and Peace
   11 Promoting Sport for a Balanced and Peaceful Society
   14 An International Understanding through Traditional Sports
   17 The Traditional Sports of Thailand
   20 Kokpar, the Sport of the Ancients Played Today

23 Best Practices
   23 Youths Work Together to Make a Revolution for Marginalized Groups
   28 Learning Universal Values through World Heritage

32 EIU Happy School
    An Innovative Social Enterprise on the World Stage

34 Interview
    Towards New Humanism and EIU: An Interview with Prof. Dallmayr

37 Comic Relief
    The Cries of the Trees

38 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
    Enriching Global Understanding through Online Videos

40 Letter

41 Special Report
    Souls Wandering Above Water: The Sea Gypsies

45 Peace in My Memory
    Living in Harmony

47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
    Reviving Shamanic Traditions in Northeast China

51 APCEIU in Action