• 08-31
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Alphabets, a Treasure of Human Creativity

SangSaeng No. 34- Alphabets, a Treasure of Human Creativity has been published. This issue of SangSaeng seeks to let our readers know the importance of preserving the diversity of indigenous scripts around Asia-Pacific as well as its significance in eradicating illiteracy. SangSaeng believes that protecting traditional scripts not only means a lot in terms of achieving the goal of literacy for all but also extinction of those alphabets would definitely shrink cultural diversity.


3 Director’s Message

4 Special Column
    Right to Education: Challenges in Asia and the Pacific Region

7 Focus: Alphabets, a Treasure of Human Creativity
    7 Endangered Alphabets: Wood Carving as an Act of Cultural Preservation
   11 Indigenous Scripts and Identity: Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education in a Multicultural World
   15 Arabic Calligraphy: Icon of Tradition and Tool of Modernity
   17 Visual Characteristics of Hangeul, the Korean Alphabet

23 Best Practices
    23 Creating an Oasis in the Desert
    27 Community-Based Education: Alternative Way to Educate Children in Afghanistan

31 Comic Relief
    Friends from Dining Republic

32 EIU Happy School
    ICT: A Link to International Understanding for Rural Area Students in Thailand

34 Interview
    Ensuring Better Life for All through Basic Education

39 Letter

40 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
   How Do We Teach and Learn about Cultural Difference?

42 Special Report
    Samoan Way for Sustainable Development

46 Peace in My Memory
    Learning from Children

48 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
    Women in Maldives

50 APCEIU in Action