• 12-17

Stories Spark the Power of Education

SangSaeng No. 35- Stories Spark the Power of Education has been published. This issue of SangSaeng would like to tell our readers a variety of interesting tales from different parts of Asia. The articles reflect the cultural significance of classic indigenous tales as our common cultural heritage as well as a medium for understanding different cultures. Also, through this issue, SangSaeng hopes to inspire and revitalize your imagination to develop fresh ideas on EIU and attract you to learn more about the diverse cultures of Asia and the Pacific.
3 Director’s Message

4 Special Column
World Heritage Education Programme Fosters Learning for International Understanding

7 Focus: Stories Spark the Power of Education
    7 Why do Humans Weave Stories?
   10 Panchatantra’s Asian Roots Teach World Wisdom
   14 Living Literature: Ramakien, the Thai Rendition of the Rama Epic
   18 Uzbek Yarn Spins International Understanding

22 Best Practices
    22 Embodying Intercultural Understanding through Creative Arts
    25 Rain Water Harvesting: The Key to a Better Future!

28 Comic Relief
    The Legend of Danjugan

30 Interview
    Learning from Reviving Our Indigenous Wisdom

33 EIU Happy School
    Schooling in the Water Village

36 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
    Understanding Powerful People

38 Letter

40 Special Report
    Fish and Exchange on Cultural Diversity in Asia

44 Peace in My Memory
     The Origami Paper Cranes of Malacca

47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Sing-sings Transcend Papua New Guinea Boundaries

50 APCEIU in Action