• 05-23
Ancient Wisdom in Asian Traditional Houses
SangSaeng No. 36- Ancient Wisdom in Asian Traditional Houses has been published. This issue of SangSaeng aims to share the stories of various traditional houses, representing the diversity of individuals and cultures observed all around the world. By exploring the traditional houses of different Asian countries, our global readers will get a good chance to gain intercultural understanding, as well as the opportunity to remind themselves about the significance of preserving time-honoured buildings as a valuable cultural heritage.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
  Using Education to Build Peace for Tomorrow’s Sri Lanka
6 Focus: Ancient Wisdom in Asian Traditional Houses
  6 Splendid Indonesian Roofs Connect the Earth and Sky
  10 Historic Hakka Architecture Could be Key for Future Sustainable Buildings
  14 Hanok, House of Communications
  18 For Mongolians, Home is Where the Ger is
22 Best Practices
  22 Surviving Disaster is Lesson Learnt in Kesennuma
  26 Promoting Racial Integration through Sharing of Knowledge
30 EIU Happy School
   Creating a Masterpiece of Holistic Education through Visual Arts
33 EIU That I Am Thinking Of
   Trailblazing Initiatives on Education for Peace and Understanding
36 Interview
Nurturing a Prerequisite for Peace
38 Letter
40 Special Report
  Norigam, Children’s Works of Art
44 Peace in My Memory
Education Leads to Peace, Not Camel Racing
46 Comic Relief
Expect the Unexpected
47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
Washing Away the Past Brings in the New Year in Myanmar
50 APCEIU in Action