No. 37
  • 10-01
SangSaeng No. 37- How to Foster Global Citizenship? has been published. In order to help our readers better grasp the concept of global citizenship and provide useful information and new ideas, this issue deals with various aspects of global citizenship education.
3  Director’s Message
4  Special Column
    Building True Citizens for a Single Humanity 
8  Focus: How to Foster Global Citizenship?

8  Eliminating World Challenges through Global Citizenship Education
    13  Developing Global Citizens with a Global Perspective
    18  Living in a New World Starts with Education
    23  GCE in Every Corners of the World
28  Best Practices
    28  Hands-on Hand Print for Environmental Sustainability
    32  Bhutan Teachers Learn New Models of Education
35  Comic Relief: 
    Song of the City
36  Special Report
    Paving the Way Together for Global Citizenship Education
40  Interview
    Building a Global Community out of the Ashes of Poverty
42  Letter
    Capturing Moments of Living in Harmony
44  Peace in My Memory
    How Golf Speaks about Peace
47  Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
    Discovering Locks beyond the Function of Opening and Closing
50  APCEIU in Action