• 12-26
SangSaeng No. 38 - “Maps for Mutual Understanding” has been published. Gathering insights of experts from various backgrounds of cartography, the winter edition presents ideas on promoting EIU through the use of world maps.
3 Director’s Message

4 Special Column
   Building a Platform of Common Understanding in Southeast Asia

7 FOCUS: Maps for Mutual Understanding
     7 Gaining Wisdom of Mankind Through Maps
     12 Cartographic Literacy Matters for a Fairer World
     15 Maps for Children, by Children
     19 Digital Maps for Humanitarian Need
     24 Bridging the World’s Divide Through maps; Beyond Australia

28 Best Practices
     28 ICT-Supported Project-Based Learning
     32 Children Encounter the World Through Languages

35 Comic Relief
      The Green Hope

36 Special Report
      Getting on the Same Page: Towards Shared Histories in Southeast Asia

39 Interview
      Museums as a Cultural Teaching Tool

42 Letter
      When Great Minds Come Together

44 Peace in My Memory
      Planting Trees, Seeds of peace and Prosperity

47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
      Five Colours of Vietnamese Folk Paintings

50 APCEIU in Action