• 04-24
SangSaeng No. 39 - “Exploring Colourful Asia” has been published. This spring edition introduces multifarious stories of Asia through “colours” which can be effective tools to learn about the different cultures. Furthermore, this issue attempts to spur mutual understanding by providing an opportunity to explore the meaning and history of colours reflected to their festivals, architecture, food and daily lives.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
   Higher Education, the Right Vector for Broader Change
7 FOCUS: Exploring Colourful Asia
    7 Holi- Indian Festival of Colours and Joy
   12 Shining Blue Pearl of Central Asia
   17 What a Dish, China’s Spice of Life
   22 Korea’s Traditional Colours and Their Presence in Daily Life
27 Best Practices
   27 Wars Past Used to Promote Peace Education
   30 The Mosaic of Understanding
34 Comic Relief
      Ab Hara’s Dream
35 Special Report
      Towards Global Capacities Education
38 Interview
      Making the Right to a Proper Education Universal
42 Letter
      A Must-be Programme for Educators
44 Peace in My Memory
      Battling Dyslexia Through Images and Inspiration
47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
      Thailand’s Rock Art Opens Gates of History
50 APCEIU in Action