• 08-05
This summer issue, titled, “From Conflict to Concord,” engages with the topic of armed conflict and its effects on the livelihoods of those living in the Asia-Pacific. It also seeks to inspire hope through acknowledging the efforts made to promote peace and cooperation.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
  Benefiting Society Through the Education of East Timorese Women
8 Focus: From Conflict to Concord
   8 Attacks on Education in Situations of Conflict
   13 Behind the Veil
   18 Demining a Path to a Better, Safer Life
   23 Tailoring Peace Through Education in Nepal
28 Best Practices
   28 Creating Books for Senegal’s Future
   31 Creating Safe-Villages Saves Lives and Fosters Ingenuity
34 Special Report
     Learning to Live Together Through Education
38 Letter
     Exchanging Valuable Lessons is More Important than Cultural Awareness
40 Interview
     Climbing, Giving, Educating for the Love of Nepal
44 Peace in My Memory
     Japanese Tradition of Tea Warms the Heart
46 Tuning in to the Asia-Pacific
     How's Education in the Asia-Pacific Going?
48 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Wayang: Giving Moral Lessons in an Entertaining Way
50 APCEIU in Action