• 12-10
The 44th issue of SangSaeng, “Coding Global Citizenship in the Digital Era,” has been released. This Winter edition brings out the topic of GCED for digital citizens through the lens of education policymakers, children and youth, and corporations, shedding light on the relationship between global citizens and the digital technology.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
     Early Childhood Development, Key to Nurturing Global Citizens
8 Focus: Coding Global Citizenship in the Digital Era
     8 Striking a Balance Between Digital Opportunities & Related Risks
     12 Young People as Active Citizens in the Digital Age
     16 Empowering Children to Become Creative Digital Leaders
     20 Fostering Inclusive Innovation for a Better World
24 Special Report
     Linh’s Journey to School
28 Best Practices
     28 Little Pearls of Wisdom: Overcoming Challenges of a Small Rural School in Kazakhstan by Providing Quality Education
     32 Environmental Science and EIU Through Migratory Birds
36 Letter
     Shutterbugs Share Russia with Friendship
38 Interview
     38 Understanding Culture Through Media and Language
     40 Embracing Diversity to Live Together
42 Peace in My Memory
     To Achieve Peace, Must Understand Peace
46 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Glimpse into Ancient Healing Ritual of Ulik Mayang
50 APCEIU in Action