• 10-05
The 45th issue of SangSaeng, “Education to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals,” has been released. Sustainable Development Goals were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25 September 2015. The autumn edition of SangSaeng introduces how the adoption of Education 2030 and SDG 4 was adopted and ponders on ways to realize them and how Global Citizenship Education can support the accomplishment of the SDGs. 
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
     Controversial Perspective on the Teaching of Human Rights and Citizenship
8 Focus: Education to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals
     9 A Road to Education 2030 and Ahead
     14 Realising Education 2030 
     18 Preventing Violent Extremism: What Is the Fit with Global Citizenship Education? 
     22 The Bridge 47 Network: Together for Human Education, Together Achieving SDG 4.7
24 Special Report
     GCED National Lead Teachers Are Ready to Bring change to Classrooms
28 Best Practices
     28 Me to We, the Ecohsian’s Battle Cry 
     32 Develop and Empower Student for Just, Sustainable and Peaceful Society 
36 Letter
     Transforming Educators into Change Agents
38 Interview
     We Need an Open Mind to Recognise that Our Cultural Perspective Is Not a Universal Norm, Nor Is It the Only Right One 
42 Peace in My Memory
     How Peace Education and Other Initiatives Influence My Academic Practice
46 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Thanakha, Truly Tangible Myanmar Cultural Heritage for Boosting Youthfulness and Beauty
50 APCEIU in Action