• 03-03
The 47th issue of SangSaeng, a special edition dedicated to the successful hosting of the 1st International Conference on GCED, has been released. This winter edition introduces how the Conference served as a platform for sharing GCED ideas. This issue also covers the various sessions conducted at the Conference and highlights some of the important moments.
3 Director’s Message 
4 Introduction to the Conference
5 Outside the Sessions
6 Opening Ceremony
     The Rise of GCED and APCEIU’s Role in Promoting GCED Worldwide
10 Focus
     10 [Keynote Session] GCED for Sustainable and Peaceful Societies: What Practices and Pedagogies?
16 [Panel Discussion] What Does It Mean to Be a Global Citizen
22 [GCED Talks] Learning to Live Together
28 Concurrent Session I
     Actors of GCED
32 Concurrent Session II
     Thematic Approaches to GCED
36 Concurrent Session III
     Learning Process and Assessment
40 After the Conference
42 Best Practices
     42 Planting the Seeds of Bhutan’s Agricultural Progress
46 Little Circle for Embracing Diversity, Bridging Differences
50 Letter
     CJK Youths as Global Citizens: Sharing Perspectives, Extending Identities