• 09-22
The 48th issue of SangSaeng, “Learning to Live Together in a Challenging World,” has been published. With nationalism on the rise and support for populist perspectives, this edition of SangSaeng emphasizes the global community’s efforts for tolerance and learning to live together. It contains articles reminding us of the importance of empowering learners to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges.
3 Director’s Message
4 Special Column
     4 Education of Harmony, Peace and Happiness
     8 We Must Educate Global Citizens to Sustain Peace in the World
11 Focus: Learning to Live Together in a Challenging World
     11 Access to Equitable Quality Education
     14 How Business Helps People Learn to Live and Work Together
     17 Challenges in the Horn of Africa and Desire for Human Dignity
     20 Ethnic Identity in the Era of Minority Recognition
23 Special Report
     Shrinking Spaces: A Perspective from Iraq
26 Best Practices
     26 Free2Choose-Create
     30 Strengthening Literacy Learning in Lesotho
35 Youth Network
     GCED & Youth: An Open Forum in Jeju
38 Interview
     The Power of Music: An Agent of Transformation
42 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     42 Naadam: A Celebration of Culture
     46 Bomena in Bhutan
50 APCEIU in Action