• 07-18

The 50th issue of SangSaeng has been published with the theme “Global Citizenship Education in Local Contexts.” This edition reviews the divergent efforts to implement Global Citizenship Education(GCED) in the indigenous context of each region. Readers are invited to explore the fields of GCED from national and regional perspectives, as well as in formal, non-formal and informal education.


3 Director’s Message

4 Special Column
     Engaging Learners’ Hearts and Minds

8 Focus : Global Citizenship Education in Local Context
     8 Embracing Global Citizenship Education in a Tough Place
     12 Teaching Teachers to Teach GCED
     15 GCED Shapes New Cambodian History Curriculum
     19 Constructing Defences of Peace in the Minds of Future Leaders

22 Special Report
     Why [Use] Comics in School?

26 Best Practices
     26 Beyond Zombie Apocalypse
     30 Transforming Space into Meaningful Learning Place

34 Interview
     Through the Lens, Out of Africa, into Our Hearts and Minds

38 Letter
     Towards a Green, Peaceful and Just World through GCED

40 Youth Network
     Youth for Learning, Exchanging, Growing and Taking Action

43 Peace in my Memory
     Unwanted Nation Living in Own Land

47 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Tatau: A Pacific Journey

50 APCEIU in Action