• 11-22
The 52nd issue of SangSaeng has been published with the theme of “Historical Reconciliation and GCED: Lessons from Writing History Together.”  This issue explores various endeavours aimed at attaining historical reconciliation and peace, as well as the important role education plays to achieve this goal.
3 Editor’s Note
4 Special Column
     Toward Reconciliation in a Divided, Dangerous World / Jonathan Jansen
8 Focus: Historical Reconciliation and GCED
     8 Historical Dialogue among Korea, China and Japan / Jeongin Kim
     12 Teaching Shared Histories in Southeast Asia / Doung Bich Hanh
     16 Learning about Europe’s Common History / Dominik Pick
     19 Dual Narrative to Teach History / Sami Adwan
     21 Mystic of ‘General History of Afica’ / Ali Moussa Iye
24 Best Practices
     24 The Power of Silence / Dylan Wray
     27 Mobile Library / Andri Nurcahyani
31 Special Report
     31 Migration, Displacement and Education: Building Bridges, Not Walls / Manos Antoninis
     33 Harmonizing ‘Heart, Head and Hand’ in Hanoi / APCEIU
37 Interview
     Four Students for One Common Good / Sabine Detzel
41 Understanding the Asia-Pacific Region
     Uniting Under Legends of Ghandhara / Nadeem Omar Tarar
44 Youth Network
     HELP Nurtures Youth Citizenship through Collaboration / Nephtaly Pierre-Louis and Meaghan Balzer
48 Letter
     Speaking Silently in the Loud World / Elvira Sarsenova
50 APCEIU in Action