• 01-28
In view of the rapidly growing concerns about the climate crisis, the 53rd issue of SangSaeng focuses on how we should respond to the challenge under the theme of “Climate Crisis, Education and Global Citizenship.”
■ Focus: Climate Crisis, Education and Global Citizenship
03. Editor’s Note
04. Special Column
     Reimagining Our Future in Light of the Climate Crisis/Helena Norber-Hodge,  
08. Focus                                                                      
     08 Empowering Learners for Climate Action and Transformation /Alexander Leicht 
     12 Changing Education, Not the Planet /Sun-kyung Lee
     16 Power of a Global Classroom/Lynette Shultz and Carrie Karsgaard
     19 Sustainability Starts with Teachers/Shepherd Urenje
24. Best Practices                                                                     
     24 Y-Adapt Inspires Youth-led Climate Change Action/ Brigitte Rudram
     29 Local Energy Transition, from Imagination to Everyday Life/ Soyoung Kim
32. Story Time                                                                  
     Pluto, a Stubborn Planet / Aprilia Sanie 
34. Peace in My Memory                                                                          
     34 Global Citizenship Education in a Divided World / Makoto Kobayashi, 
     37 Clearing Streets of Burkina Faso / Francois Compaore 
40. Understanding the Asia and the Pacific                                                                  
     Melting Discoveries in Altai Plateau /In Uk Kang
44. GCED Youth Network                                                                           
     Youth as the motor for GCED /Diego Manrique and GCED Youth Network 
48. Letter                                                                     
     The Journey of Making Peace in the Arab World /Khalaf Al'Abri, 
50. APCEIU in Action