Teaching and learning transformative engagement
  • 07-25
This document is the outcome of the Experts’ Meeting on ‘Teaching and learning responsible transformative engagement’ organised by UNESCO, in partnership with the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens and the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), held on 16-17 February 2019 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This paper explores the meaning of ‘responsible transformative engagement’ with a view to clarifying the role of education in ways that may be reflected by UNESCO and other education stakeholders.

<Table of contents>
1. Introduction
  - The context
  - Advocacy 
  - The question

2. Understanding ‘responsible transformative engagement’
  - Types of transformative engagement
  - The issue of ‘responsibility’
  - New trends

3. The role of education
  - The process of transformative engagement
  - How to promote transformative engagement through education 
  - Frequently asked questions