Living with Water, Heritage & Risks: An Educator’s Toolkit for Global Citizenship
  • 04-03
The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA) have once again found common ground to collaborate on developing quality educational materials for Global Citizenship Education (GCED). 

Entitled “Living with Water, Heritage & Risks: An Educator’s Toolkit for Global Citizenship”, this educational resource will help young global citizens gain an awareness of the culture-nature connection in heritage conservation.

This toolkit provides visual learning aids and ideas designed to explore water heritage in Southeast Asia. It is composed of an Educator's Booklet, Activity Sheets, and Inquiry-Based and Self-Learning Photo cards. Learners are encouraged to THINK, SHARE and ACT in ways that will enable them to become critical thinkers who can make compassionate and ethical decisions. 

List of Figures and Images

Chapter 1 - Introduction: Living with Water
Water as Heritage  
Why explore Water Heritage?  
Water Heritages featured in this Toolkit 

Chapter 2 - Learning about Water Heritage 
Culture and Nature in Water Heritage 
Safeguarding Water Heritage 
Water Heritage as a Global Concern

Chapter 3 - Global Citizenship
Key Learner Attributes of Global Citizens 
Pedagogical Principles for Global Citizenship Education (GCED)
A Heritage Education Framework for Global Citizens 

Chapter 4 - Teaching and Reflecting for Action 
Global Citizenship themes in Water Heritage 
Inquiry-based Learning with Photocards 
Ten Participatory Lesson Ideas