[Vod] Storytelling DVD 『Telling Tales from Southeast Asia and Korea』
  • 03-05

Telling Tales from Southeast Asia and Korea』 (APCEIU, 2011)


Please click on the language corresponding to the story title to view the storytelling videos.

A guiding manual for storytelling can be downloaded in PDF format. 

     Guide for Storytelling ( PDF, 3.64mb)



0.13707800%201331010048.gif Brunei Darussalam
  - Nakhoda Manis 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.98693500%201331122454.gif
  - Mighty Babau 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.98693500%201331122454.gif
0.14976300%201331010132.gif Cambodia
  - The Fragrant-haired Princess 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.73062200%201331123182.gif
  - The Mon Prince and the Naga Princess 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.73062200%201331123182.gif
0.16076100%201331010132.gif Indonesia
  - Malin Kundang 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.78546200%201331123197.gif
  - The Goddess of Rice 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.78546200%201331123197.gif
0.16109500%201331010132.gif Korea
  - Shim Cheong, the Devoted Daughter 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.38796000%201331123208.gif
  - The Sun and The Moon 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.38796000%201331123208.gif
0.16137300%201331010132.gif Laos
  - Monkey-ear Mushrooms 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.08707100%201331123220.gif
  - The Great Gound from Heaven 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.08707100%201331123220.gif
  - Human Age 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.08707100%201331123220.gif
0.16166100%201331010132.gif Malaysia
  - The Rice Flower 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.36509200%201331123230.gif
  - The Clever Mouse Deer 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.36509200%201331123230.gif
0.16194900%201331010132.gif Myanmar
  - The Giving Farmer 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.07881300%201331123241.gif
  - The Old Wise Man 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.07881300%201331123241.gif
0.16223000%201331010132.gif Philippines
  - Mariang Makiling, The Fairy of the Mountain 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.35690300%201331123250.gif
  - Why the Sea is Salty 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.35690300%201331123250.gif
0.16250700%201331010132.gif Singapore
  - Singapura, the Lion City 0.31571300%201331016332.gif 
  - The Attack of the Swardfish 0.31571300%201331016332.gif
0.84508000%201331010189.gif Thailand
  - Phya Khankuhaak, the Toad King 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.40316000%201331123339.gif
  - Xiang Miang sees the King's Face 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.40316000%201331123339.gif
  - Xiang Miang and the Snail 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.40316000%201331123339.gif
0.84554700%201331010189.gif Timor Leste
  - Crocodile Island 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.96916300%201331123456.gif
  - The Dog and the Hunter 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.96916300%201331123456.gif
0.84586600%201331010189.gif Vietnam
  - Heaven's Uncle Toad 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.97604600%201331123465.gif
  - The Dragon and the Fairy 0.31571300%201331016332.gif  0.97604600%201331123465.gif

Stories Uniting Southeast Asia and Korea

  - Story 1 0.31571300%201331016332.gif
  - Story 2 0.31571300%201331016332.gif