Regional Workshop on ESD Strategic Planning in Asia and the Pacific
  • 09-13
Date : November 22-24, 2004
Venue : PSCD (Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development), Seoul, Republic or Korea
Subject : Regional Workshop on ESD Strategic Planning in Asia and the Pacific

The Final Report - Donwload (english) | icon_doc.gif doc (2.3M) | icon_pdf.gif acrobat (991k)

Workshop Report ordered by date.

Day One (November 22, 2004)

Open Forum: The Challenges and Tasks ahead for UN DESD
Key Note Speech : Sustainable Future for the Asia and Pacific Region and the Challenges to the UN DESD
Dr. Itaru Yasui (Vice-Rector of United Nations University, Japan) : Download -  ppt (file size : 1.9M) | doc (file size: 49k
Key Note Speech : The Present State and Challenges of Education for Sustainable Development in Korea
Dr. Suk-Jin Choi (Director-General of Educational Evaluation Research Department, Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation, Korea) : Download - doc(file size : 181k) Central Asia
Ms. Tatiana Shakirova (Manager of Environmental Education program at 'The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC)' in Almaty, Kazahstan) : Download - ppt (file size : 19.2M) | doc (file size : 58k) South Asia
Ms. Madhavi Joshi (Programme Coordinator at 'Centre for Environment Education, Nehru Foundation for Development' in Ahmedabad, India) : Download - ppt (file size : 1.3M)
Panel Discussion: Priorities and Themes for ESD in the Asia-Pacific

Chair: Dr. Shuichi Nakayama (Professor Emeritus of 'Hiroshima University', and Chair of the Education Committee in the 'Japanese National Commission for UNESCO' in Japan)

Dr. Derek Elias (UNESCO Bangkok) - Download - ppt (file size 313K)
Ms. Zabariah Haji Matali (General manager of 'Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM)' in Sarawak Malaysia) - Download - ppt (file size : 15.7M) | doc (file size : 40k)
Ms. Myeong-Su Baek (Korean Federation of Environmental Movement (KFEM), Korea) : Download - doc (file size : 43k
Mr. Lawrence Surendra (Deputy Director, APCEIU) - Download - ppt (file size : 125K) | doc (file size : 44k)

Day Two (November 23, 2004)

ESD Implementation Strategies in the Asia-Pacific Sub-regional Presentations
Chair: Ms. Rosalind Yang Misieng (Conference Manager of 'Sarawak Development Institute' in Malaysia) : Download - ppt (file size : 16.3M) Presenters:
Mr. Haruhiko Tanaka (Chairman, Development Education Association and Resource Centre (DEAR)) : Download - ppt (file size : 1.8M)
Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmad (Program Development Office-Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan, Bangladesh) - Download - ppt (68K) | doc (file size : 123k)
Mr. Pongtep Manattrong (Educational Supervisor, Thailand) : Download - ppt (file size : 4.8M) | doc (file size : 57k)
Ms. Houth Ratanak (Open Forum of Cambodia, Cambodia) : Download - ppt (file size : 914K) | doc (file size : 74k)
Mr. Devanesan Nesiah (Consultant, Centre for Policy Alternatives, Sri Lanka) : Download - doc (file size : 28k)
Ms. Le Thi Hoang Cuc (Secretary of the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, Head of Education Unit, Vietnam) : Download - ppt (file size : 1.2M) | doc (file size : 35k)

Day Three (November 24, 2004)

Group Reporting and Synthesis of Work - Plenary Session
Group1 : Civil_Society : Download - doc (file size : 39k)
Group2 : Formal_School_System : Download - doc (file size : 24k)
Group3 : ICT&Alternative_Media : Download - doc (file size : 24k)