Final Report: 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED
  • 01-04
2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED.jpg
This report provides an overview of the activities carried out during the 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 11 - 16 July 2016.
This programme gathered 49 youth activists from 38 countries around the world to exchange their ideas and identify GCED leadership strategies in order to mobilize young people for GCED in local and national contexts and advance the agenda globally. This report also aims to convey the voice of the youth on GCED: their thoughts and reflections on GCED and its priority areas.
The workshop was co-organized by APCEIU and UN Secretary General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI); it was sponsored by Busan University of Foreign Studies and the Geum-jeong District of Busan Metropolitan City. 

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