2019 UNESCO/KOICA Joint Fellowship Programme
  • 12-24
This report provides an overview of the activities carried out during the 2019 UNESCO/KOICA Joint Fellowship Programme held in Republic of Korea from 3 June - 29 July, 2019.

In its 13th year of implementation, 2019 UNESCO/KOICA Joint Fellowship Programme invited 25 educators from 12 countries in Africa and 6 countries in Asia-Pacific region for two months. This year’s programme aimed to enhance their capacities and to foster critical perspectives on education development with four main themes: “Teacher Training for Basic Education,” “Use of ICT for Education (or e-Learning),” “Leadership in Global Education,” and “Girls’ Education.” Composed of various segments such as lectures, workshops, hands-on activities, and seminars, which were closely interlinked with each module, the modules were designed to enable the participants to reorient their perspectives on educational development, to gain essential knowledge and skills, and furthermore to produce meaningful and relevant outputs that could be applied in their local contexts.