International Understanding and Cooperation in Education in the Post-Corona World
  • 01-14

Research Report of International Understanding and Cooperation in Education in the Post-Corona World

APCEIU has published a report, including research studies from 6 experts  in order to figure out the role of education in promoting international understanding and cooperation in the education sector in the post-pandemic world. Through this research project, APCEIU mainly sought to answer the following questions;

▲What will be the implications of COVID-19 for international exchange and cooperation especially in education? 
▲What should we as educators, researchers, and practitioners do to counter the rise of populist nationalism? 
▲What should be the focus and direction of international cooperation in education during and after the pandemic in order to promote international understanding and GCED?

This research project is expected to provide insightful views on the desirable direction for international understanding and cooperation in the education sector.

Table of Contents

1. The development of UNESCO’s exchange programmes and their possible rearrangements in the post-pandemic years (Dong-Joon Jo, Professor at Department of Political Science and International Relations, Seoul National University, Korea)
2.  ‘Rethinking Schooling’ once again: Post-corona challenges for education for peace and sustainability in Asia (Edward Vickers, Professor of Comparative Education at Kyushu University, Japan)
3.  Race, gender, disability, and their intersections under the impact of COVID-19 
(Dina Kiwan, Professor in Comparative Education, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
4.  Competition or cooperation: Configuring ‘International’ in Chinese school textbooks (Fei Yan, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, South China University, China)
5. The implications of democratic citizenship education and global citizenship education in South Korea for the post-corona era (Kyujoo Seol, Professor of Social Studies Education, Kyeongin National University of Education, Korea)
6.  What can we learn from the pandemic of COVID-19?: An attempt to develop teaching materials for international understanding and cooperation based on Japanese educational issues (Kyoko Nakayama, Professor of Social Studies Education and Multicultural Education, Teikyo University, Japan)