GCED Capacity-Building Programmes: A Critical Analysis for the Development of Training Module
  • 02-09

The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) has published the analysis report of GCED capacity-building programmes for the development of training modules. This research was conducted first to lay the groundwork for the development of the APCEIU’s curricular modules in the future, by analyzing the strengths and shortcomings of the training programmes on their own rights and in comparison to other similar types of training programmes. A range of existing curricular modules in similar fields or for similar purposes are also reviewed and analyzed to infer possible areas for improvement in APCEIU’s curricular modules for next year.

<Table of Contents>

General Introduction
    Research Rationale
    Research Objective & Methodology
    Understanding Capacity-Building and Global Citizenship Education

Part 1. A Vision for APCEIU’s Future Training Modules
    1.1 Defining the Objectives
    1.2 Recruiting Participants
    1.3 Choosing Faculty and Resource Persons
    1.4 Designing a Curriculum and Training Framework
    1.5 Curating the Curriculum Components & Content
    1.6 Aiming for Systematic Implementation
    1.7 Drawing Connections    
    1.8 Offering Multifaceted Support for Educators
    1.9 Supporting Professional Learning Communities
    1.10 Designing Impact Assessment 

Part 2. Assessment of APCEIU’s Training Workshops
    2.1 Asia-Pacific Training Workshop
    2.2 Global Capacity-Building Workshop on GCED

Part 3. Learning from External Training Programmes & Curricula
    3.1 Review of Selected Training Programmes and Curricula by Other Organizations
    3.2 Lessons Learned from Other Organizations
    3.3 Survey of Training Curricula Published by APCEIU and Other Organizations