2020 Online SSAEM Conference Final Report
  • 02-09

2020 Online SSAEM (Sharing Stories of Asia-Pacific Education Movements) Conference is a space for examining and sharing the educational outcomes of the participating teachers and schools of the Programme. This Conference, which has been held annually since 2014, aims to provide an excellent opportunity for the Programme participants and stakeholders to showcase the impact of the Programme and to explore methods on strengthening cooperation for further development of the Programme. Main Programme included the Panel Discussion of the Ministry representatives of the 8 countries, the Presentation and Live Talk show of 2012-2019 programme alumni, and the exhibition of various educational materials etc. More than 450 teachers participated and their educational network has strengthened.


Table of Contents



What is Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange about?

. 2020 Online SSAEM Conference

Background and Objectives

Conference Outline

Conference Contents

Conference Outcomes

. Presentations by Exchange Teachers

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3