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Launching of the 2021 Online APTE Programme
  • 26/04/21
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2021 Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education (hereinafter, APTE) is held in a form of online exchange from April 2021. Schools in Korea and the Asia-Pacific region become one-to-one partner and conduct virtual classes and educational activities online.


In consideration of the pandemic situation, Online Exchange Programme is launched in 2021. It is meaningful to spread the impact of the educational exchange from teacher-to-teacher exchange to school-to-school exchange, compared to the face-to-face exchange programme which focuses on the individual teachers’ inbound and outbound activities. For the first half of this year, 10 schools in Korea and the other 10 schools in the partner countries (3 schools in Malaysia, 4 schools in Thailand, 3 schools in the Philippines), 20 schools in total participate in this programme.


Each participating school in Korea and the partner countries will organize an ‘APTE study group’, and the member teachers of the study group will conduct virtual classes and educational projects related to GCED. Online Exchange Programme is expected to minimize learning loss in the pandemic crisis and to be an opportunity identifying a new possibility of non-face-to-face educational exchange.


Hosted by Ministry of Education Korea and organized by APCEIU, APTE is a teacher exchange programme between Korea and Asia-Pacific countries. It was launched in 2012, and has continued for 10 years in cooperation with ministries of education in the partner countries.


APTE is carried out bilaterally, dispatching Korean teachers to the schools of the partner countries and inviting teachers of the partner countries to Korean schools. Participating teachers conduct classes on their own cultures and their major subjects. Until 2020, 1,249 teachers from 9 countries has participated in this programme.