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2-week journey with global young leaders seeking ways for global citizenship in the digital era
  • 23/06/21

From 7-18 June 2021, APCEIU has run its 7th Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED for 50 youth leaders from 28 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. With this year’s theme, ‘MIL(Media and Information Literacy) and Youth Empowerment’, the Workshop has been held under the title of ‘Being a global citizen in the digital age’, offering various lectures, presentations, and cases all around the world, on the MIL and global citizenship for young people. Experts in the field of MIL and GCED from the globe, including Dr. Amie Kim, Mr. Fabrice Teicher, Dr. Hans Schattle, Dr. Ellen Helsper, Mr. Dylan Wray, and Ms. Lisa van Wyk joined the Workshop as facilitators, providing lectures and presentations on the themes and engaging dialogue with the participants. Youth speakers in different parts of the world have shared their cases and stories on MIL and global citizenship exchanging a variety of applicable strategies and tips and soliciting new ideas and approaches with the participants.


Participants have learned and shared their perspectives on what is required for responsible global citizens particularly in the context of pandemic as well as in the digital era where they live in now. They all agreed that critical and reflective digital competency as well as active and responsible engagement in the society are critical, and as young leaders, they should become agents of innovation and change, playing roles as a channel for communication and solidarity among global citizens.


Despite the time difference, all participants have enthusiastically participated in synchronous and asynchronous sessions, including small group gatherings for rich discussions and idea sharing, throughout the 2-week period of the training. The Workshop was concluded on the 18th June 2021 with the workshop closing and certificate conferment ceremony by Dr. LIM Hyun-Mook, director of APCEIU.


The participants who have successfully completed the Workshop are eligible to apply for APCEIU’s mentorship and grant competition, where they could get mentoring from experts and receive small grant fund to support their projects in local communities. The winners of the competition will take part in the mentorship programme for 2 weeks in July and execute their projects in consultation with mentors and APCEIU till October 2021. The mentorship and grant system is a new initiative of APCEIU to further support the capacity-building of its workshop participants and to maximize the multiplying impact of the Workshop in participants’ communities and beyond.