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'From Refugees to Global Citizens' Webinar Series
  • 25/06/21

UNESCO APCEIU has successfully held a youth webinar series under the theme of 'From Refugees to Global Citizens' over three weeks from 22 April to 5 June 2021. 

Through the webinars, three alumni of APCEIU's 'Global Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED' were invited to share their life journey as refugees from the perspective of a global citizen. 


Based in Zimbabwe, the first speaker who has experienced living as a refugee for twelve years shared her story on her efforts to bring positive social changes in her community. 


The second speaker shared his life story related to the development and organization of a storytelling and communication program for psycho-social support of Syrian families and young people.  


Last but not least, the third speaker revealed her desire for all Palestinian refugees to become global citizens with fundamental human rights and freedom through working as a clinical pharmacist and public health professional at Balata refugee camps and shared her changed perspectives and experiences as a global citizen.
Through the webinars, the speakers have shared their own stories as global citizens, particularly their efforts to influence changes into their communities while fighting against prejudices and obstacles, and how they conquered the challenges and realized their aspirations in their own ways.   

Upon the conclusion of the webinar series, the participants of webinars shared that they were inspired and empowered by the stories of young global leaders who were not defeated by their circumstances, but instead kept trying and succeeded to transform themselves into inspiring global citizens.