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[GCED in Action] Two-day workshop on Media Literacy for youth held in Ukraine
  • 02/09/21

Critical Media Literacy for Young Global Citizens!

Two-day workshop on Media Literacy for youth held in Ukraine


On 21 & 22 August 2021, a two-day workshop on Media Literacy Course “Very Verified’ was held in Bucha, Kyiv region, Ukraine. The workshop was organized by Ms. Valeriia Moroz, a member of GCED Youth Network, with the support from APCEIU. As the alumni of APCEIU’s Global Youth Leadership Workshop on GCED, Valeriia worked to promote the importance of media literacy in this workshop, further cultivating the enthusiastic participation of youth in the enhancement of GCED.

The workshop was mainly focused on providing knowledge and real-life examples on misinformation, disinformation, potential hazards of media, etc. During the first day of the workshop, twelve participants aged 12 to 19 were allowed to examine their media usage hours and level of media literacy by engaging in the World Café game and individual exercises. They brought their insights to a larger group and interacted with each other by utilizing worldwide charts and polls on media.



The second day of the workshop began with the media disinformation activity “How the media influences us”. Participants mentioned that they “did not expect media to be so complicated”, “always trusted the media”, “thought that all of the media sources are equally correct” throughout the activity. Based on these reflections, participants created posters on media literacy that address the key points of the workshop, including what is media and how does it affect us.



The successful implementation of this workshop has strengthened the potential of the participants in realizing their role as global citizens to advance media literacy. After participating in the workshop, participants expressed their interest and willingness to further study media literacy and global citizenship and hope to have another opportunity to continue to work on these issues.

In 2021, APCEIU strengthens its support for youth leaders’ efforts in different parts of the world in promoting critical global citizenship through various glocal issues, encouraging them to identify the urgent and relevant topics and issues in their local communities and to take actions.