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32 Multinational Teachers Develop Multilingual Online Educational Materials
  • 23/09/21


APCEIU is implementing a project to develop the online educational materials(hereinafter materials) with teachers in Laos, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Cambodia this September. This materials development attracts great attention as the project aims to alleviate learning loss that is worsening in the midst of the pandemic crisis.


The Asia-Pacific Teacher Exchange for Global Education(APTE) Programme, hosted by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea and implemented by the APCEIU is a bilateral teacher exchange programme. For the second half of this year, 32 teachers(16 from the four partner countries and 16 Korean teachers) will be participating in the project. Teachers have cooperated to develop the materials in global citizenship education and intercultural understanding combined with each countries’ school curricula. It focuses on building lesson videos by dispatched Korean teachers; thus, it is expected to establish a two-way system in company with materials developed by invited teachers last year.


The materials include 32 lesson videos and 10 workbooks in five different languages. Significantly, the materials are utilizable under difficult situations, such as closed schools and remote learning. APCEIU will distribute the Lesson Kit via partner countries’ Ministry of Education with lesson videos(USB), digital documents, printed books, etc.


Meanwhile, APTE for the first half of the year was held from April to August 2021. The programme included a one-to-one partnership between 10 Korean schools and 10 schools in 3 partner countries (3 in Malaysia, 4 in Thailand, and 3 in the Philippines) for a total of 60 classes. Educational activities such as real-time video classes and study group projects have elicited positive responses.